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Home Solution

Home Solution

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How enjoy the same content on different TVs without any costs of interior decoration and ethernet wiring layout.

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Simplify TV in the home by eliminating redundant set-top boxes and multiple remote control devices. Our home will become more attractive while also reducing supplemental device cost.

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Wireless Solution

Home Solution with wireless HDMI Extender kit

The Brocade wireless HDMI Extender-CTS200 solution is designed to the multi-room HDTV connection kite, plug-and-play, enjoy the wireless life. The wireless HDMI Extender-CTS200 solution with one transmitter and four receivers is a dedicated wireless solution that sets up quickly and does not require a WiFi network or complicated security configurations. Connect a computer to an HDTV and stream high definition audio and video up to 656 feet through walls and doors such as bedroom, den, washroom. You’ll enjoy an HD resolutions up to 3840*2160p audio/video experience with the convenience of wireless and the flexibility to connect your environment any way you want without the trouble and cost of Ethernet wiring.

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