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Long Range 2624ft. Wireless Video Transmission System

▪ HDMI extender-WTS800
▪ Fully supports 3G SDI input and 3G SDI output
▪ Auto-relink once transmitter is carried back within range
▪ 8 wireless antennas much more improve the quality of image
▪ Low latency wireless HD video and audio transmission over 2624feet(800 meters)




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The WTS800 long distance 2624ft. HDMI and SDI wireless video transmission system kit at the cutting edge of wireless video and audio transmission technology. Industry exclusive technology that offers 3G SDI metadata and is compatible with most broadcasting equipment. It can be widely used in broadcasting station, wedding scene, live sports etc.

The WTS800 wireless video transmission system is a professional film shooting of Brocade wireless transmitters and receiver kit. It has a range of 2624feet line of sight range with transmission that can accomplish less than 100ms latency. A fully charged 1000 battery can power either the receiver or transmitter continuously for up to 5 hours. With a 2624 feet range, this system is perfect for various types of uses such as with wireless follow focus systems as well as gimbal and Steadicam operators. The WTS800 wireless video transmission system is perfect anytime you need to be untethered from the camera and require reliable wireless video over long distances.


* High Definition High Resolution

* Supports up to 4K@30Hz on HDMI input, 1080P@60Hz on 3G-SDI input.

* WT01 uses 5.1-5.8 GHz frequency, which ensures more stable and faster signal transmission with less interference.

* The maximum transmission range is 800m(2624ft.) in sight, satisfying almost all filming needs.

* Aviation Plug, Misoperation prevention

* Intercom & Tally installed


Source with HDMI input

Display with HDMI output


1. HDMI Transmitter X 1pc
2. HDMI Receiver X 1pc
3. DC12V power adapter X 2pcs
4. 5G band antenna X 8pcs
5. User manual X 1pc

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    Model WTS800
    CPU ARM A7 (dual core 1.3G);  DRAM 4Gb x 2; SPI ROM 32Mb
    Frequency 5.1~5.8GHz
    Wireless bandwidth 20MHz
    Available channels 22
    Transmit power 22dBm/MCS7
    Receiving sensitivity -74dBm/MCS7
    Antenna channel 4T4R MIMO
    Antenna gain 5dBi external 0°-20°
    Antenna interface SMAx4 20°-180°
    Transmission distance 200m or 800m (outdoor barrier-free)
    HDMI input Resolution support (4K30/24HZ, 1080P60/50/30/25/24HZ, 1080I60/50HZ, 720P60/50HZ etc.)
    3G-SDI input Resolution support (1080P60/50/30/25/24HZ, 1080I60/50HZ, 720P60/50HZ etc.)
    RJ45 input Suitable for IP cameras
    Encoding mode H.264/H.265
    HDMI output Resolution support (4K30/24HZ, 1080P60/50/30/25/24HZ, 1080I60/50HZ, 720P60/50HZ etc.)
    3G-SDI output Resolution support (1080P60/50/30/25/24HZ, 1080I60/50HZ, 720P60/50HZ etc.)
    RJ45 output Suitable for computer RTSP decoding and playback
    Decoding mode H.264/H.265
    Audio sampling rate PCM 48K16Bit


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